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Save Rusted Metal Tools

11 Jan 2016

Wet winter weather can wreak havoc on your metal tools.  Don't just give up on those sentimental, expensive tools.  Use Sanco’s Rust Kutter to stop rust in its tracks.  Rust Kutters active ingredient is phosphoric acid.  Rust Kutter will bind so closely to the rusted areas it seals current rust and prevents the spread of future rust.  Rust must be present in order for Rust Kutter to work.  If rust isn’t present there will be no chemical reaction and the product will remain tacky.  


Remove large flakes of rust with a wire brush, spray or paint rusted metal with Rust Kutter, and wait 24-48 hours to dry.  The product will dry with a chalky substance or black depending on the type of metal.  For severely rusted metal you may want to apply another coat.  Once dry, you are ready to use your tools.  To extend the effectiveness of Rust Kutter, rinse and prime the treated area.  


Rust Kutter is not compatible with some metal like aluminum, galvanized metal, zinc, and painted surfaces.


For more information on Sanco’s Rust Kutter contact us.