Swans & Geese
How can you deter swans and geese from your pond?
Spray Solutions: Foam Products
Whether you are a farmer or an avid gardener, various products in our spray solution line can help save you both time and money. We offer two types of foam-related products, depending on what you are trying to accomplish.
Feel Festive With Emerald Green

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner!

Celebrate the holiday like they do in Forsyth Park (Savannah, Georgia) or at the San Antonio Riverwalk (Texas) with our Emerald Green water dye. This dye is specifically designed for use in fountains, small ponds, water features, and canals.

Pond ...

Does your pond have an island?
Stop the Progression of Rust

The number one destroyer of metal products...rust!

Rust is the product of a combination of metal, moisture, and oxygen coming together and reacting with one another. Millions of metal tools are rendered useless each year because of a combination of moisture and air. The fact is that rust can be very ...

2022 Pond Transformations

It is always amazing to see the transformation ponds make with our products throughout the season. Correctly identifying the growth, having the right products, knowing how much to use, and having consistency with treatments are the key elements in how you transform your pond into the most popular fe...

Mineral Oil & Your Kitchen

We have all heard of mineral oil, but what is it used for?

Mineral oil as a whole can have hundreds of household and industrial uses. Our Mineral Oil is food-grade, meaning that it can be used on products that come in direct contact with food. This makes it great for kitchen use. Wipe down your st...

Pros and Cons of Riprap Rock
Which is better: natural edge, or riprap?
Hydrodictyon Algae / Water Net
Hydrodictyon algae is rare to find in our area of Northeast Indiana. Have you ever encountered it?
Is it live or dead growth?

A pond has everything necessary to support algae and weed growth: plenty of water, sunlight, and nutrients. Some ponds offer more sunlight and nutrients than other ponds, causing the fight against them to be difficult.

Just because there is something in the pond doesn't necessarily mean it...