Retention Ponds
The differences between retention ponds and personal ponds are important in understanding how to manage them.
Label Warnings: What Do They Mean?

Think of whenever you have grabbed a coffee from your favorite coffee shop. Have you ever seen a "CAUTION: HOT" warning on the cup or sleeve? Seems pretty straight forward, but label warnings on other products can be viewed in a similar manner.

When perusing online, we occasionally run into reviews...

Your Dog and Our Products
Are Crystal Blue products compatible with Man's Best Friend?
Aqua Charge + Methanol
How much methanol should you mix with Aqua Charge?
Where Does the Muck Go?
When using our Natural Pond Cleaner or Muck Doctor, where does the muck go from there?
Green X: Koi Safe Algaecide
Many of those who come to us for pond advice have one thing in common: they have koi or goldfish in their ponds! Having these types of fish and needing to treat for algae can become less than ideal for the average pond owner. Koi and goldfish are highly sensitive to copper sulfate, which is typically the main component to most pond algaecides and why we do recommend finding an alternative product.
Fog Worx
Having a "monster bash"? Transform your space into the creepiest spot in the neighborhood with our Fog Worx or Fog Worx HD fog juice.
Weed ID: Hydrilla
Hydrilla is an invasive non-native weed that has broad leaves that form a whorl from the central stem.
Weed ID Series: Coontail
Coontail is a common native freshwater plant that stays completely submersed. Coontail is one of the only pants that can pollinate completely under water.
Weed ID: Creeping Water Primrose
Creeping water primrose, or floating primrose willow, is an invasive perennial aquatic plant with long stems and primrose-like yellow flowers.