Cleaning Series
Over the years, Sanco has become a specialty chemical manufacturer with leading products in a variety of industries.
The Safety Of Decorative Fountain Algae Control
Decorative Fountain Algae Control is an EPA registered and regulated product that is similar to other types of algaecides.
Winter Weeds & Algae
Winter temperatures mean that nothing will grow in your pond, right?
What Happens to the Fish?
Take a trip back with me to high school English class. In J. D Salinger’s, Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield ponders what happens to the fish when a pond in Central Park freezes over for the winter. As he wonders this aloud in a taxi, the surly cab driver tells him that the fish freeze in the ice, nourishing themselves through their pores. He claims they simply thaw in the spring, continuing as they had prior.
Break Down Roots With Root Destroyer
Underground, a tree’s root system is extensive and can often times venture in areas where they shouldn’t…like into your sewage or septic lines. Roots are constantly on the search for moisture and nutrients for the tree, and piping in your sewer and septic lines create the perfect environment.
Are Aquatic Herbicides Dangerous?
Some of the most common concerns new pond owners express are over the safety of wildlife, pets, and people. When they see the recommendations of using in PPE (person protective equipment) for spraying them into the pond, it instantly makes them think that the products are strong, dangerous chemicals.
Catt Plex, Water Lilies, & Spadderdock
Can Catt Plex treat lily pads? Lily pads are just a general term to describe the leaves on water lilies. Water lilies and similar plants seed easily and can quickly become invasive and overtake your pond. Though water lilies are not listed under the “Weeds Controlled” section of the label’s booklet...
Catt Plex vs. Roundup
Roundup and Sanco’s Catt Plex are herbicides that contain glyphosate. Glyphosate is a common active ingredient found in most herbicides used in agriculture, lawn care, and pond care. It inhibits a growth protein, causing death in the weeds. The use of glyphosates is currently a hot topic due to the misconception that they are carcinogenic.
Chara: Our Favorite Algae
We are in the business of making products to help you manage your aquatic weed and algae growth…so why on earth would we suggest keeping chara in your pond? There is actually a good explanation for why keeping some of this growth can be beneficial for your body of water.
Ponds Are Not Pools
We love to help our customers have beautiful looking ponds…but we fully support the idea of being leaders in responsible aquatic management. It is not responsible to wipe out the pond’s ecosystem just to have weed and algae-free waters.