Working with Mulch Worx
Mulch Worx is a commercial grade, concentrated dye used to restore the faded mulch in your yard. Rather than hauling and spreading out new mulch each year, dyeing the existing mulch instead will save you so much time and money. Mulch Worx is both non-toxic and non-hazardous, so it is completely safe for people and wildlife. Add instant curb appeal with our three color options: brown, black, and red.
The Ongoing Process of Pond Maintenance
Pond maintenance is an ongoing process. What you do, or do not do, this season will most certainly affect your pond next season. We have seen this first hand here at Sanco Industries. We have had several customers with a pond that is overgrown...
When Should You Stock Your Pond?
It is not uncommon for us to receive questions about pond stocking. We may not be the fish experts, but we do know that the time of year you add fish to your pond can make a difference.
How do you determine how much product to use?
Customers are always asking us for advice on how much product to use in their ponds. Due to the labeling requirements we are limited to, there is not always a clear cut answer in the customer's hands. Before you begin, there are numerous factors to take into consideration when it comes to product dosing. Without knowing the full picture, you run the risk of wasting your time, energy, and money.
Potable Water & Pond Treatment
More than half of Ohio residents get their drinking water from surface water sources. This results in many residential properties having their own ponds for their everyday needs. You would probably not want to take a straw to your pond water as it is now. You would first need special filtration set in place to make the non-potable water into potable water, safe for human consumption.
Propylene Glycol vs. Glycerin
Propylene glycol and glycerin vegetable are two products that are often confused with one another, with good reason. The two alcoholic compounds seem practically identical at first glance, which might make those not familiar with them have a hard time understanding which product they want to purchase. They are both used in many different products ranging from the chemical, food, cosmetic, to pharmaceutical industries. This blog post will clear up any misunderstandings between the two chemicals and help you determine what is best for you.
Halloween Fog
Having a "monster bash"? Transform your space into the creepiest spot in the neighborhood with Halloween Fog.
The Difference Between Rust Kutter & Rust Remover
Rust can not only be an eyesore, but it can also be damaging to your products. Sanco offers two products to help fight rust…but what is the difference between our Rust Remover and Rust Kutter?
Blue-Green Algae
You may have seen in the news recently about the three dogs in North Carolina who died from exposure to blue-green algae after a day of swimming at a pond. Blue-green algae blooms are microscopic bacteria that occur naturally on the surface. When the environment is just right, blue-green algae will thrive.
Decorative Fountain Algae Control
Overtime, decorative ponds or fountains can become full of algae if it is not treated regularly. Just as you would treat other bodies of water, maintenance is required to keep them the clean, aesthetically pleasing focal point of your property. Algae treatments with our Decorative Fountain Algae Control is a long lasting fix to make sure your fountain is always looking its best.