Differences Between our Fog Worx Products
Fog Worx offers various types of fog juices depending on your preference or needs.
Algae ID
The type of algae in your pond will determine which algaecide to use.
What is a Surfactant?
Increase Product Coverage, Penetration, & Effectiveness
Step-by-Step Pond Maintenance Guide
The time of year and condition of the pond will determine where you should start your maintenance program.
Choosing a Fountain or Aerator
You have decided to add a water feature to your pond...what next?
New! CattPlex Pro
CattPlex is phasing out and will be replaced by CattPlex Pro in our Crystal Blue product lineup.
New Liquid Harvest Products 🌱
Coming soon...New Liquid Harvest Herbicides, Insecticides, & Fungicides!
The Truth About Pond Dyes
Does Pond Dye Really Inhibit Weed and Algae Growth?
Decorative Pond Products: Koi Worx
We don’t just have pond care products for large ponds or lakes.
Green Pond Water
Create clean, clear water by eliminating the unsightly green color in your pond.