Southern States Still Fighting Red Algae
We received a call a couple weeks ago from a pond owner in Texas that had a rusty tint to his pond. After seeing the pictures we identified his rusty colored film as a type of red algae. This algae usually starts out as green and then changes to red when it blooms...
Phases of Pond Treatment
Below is a customers photo documentation of a 3 phase sequence of pond recovery. We worked with this customer to identify his pond problems, give him a treatment protocol, and he did the application.
Muck Doctor Lake Muck Remover
Muck Doctor is one of our beneficial lake bacteria products. Muck Doctor is a highly concentrated pond bacteria that comes as a hard pressed spike. This product is great when used to reduce muck in a targeted area...
Why are my pond products not working?
Typically when someone calls in and says their pond products aren't working the first question we ask is what are their goals. What are they trying to achieve?
What is growing in my pond?
What is that in my pond? This is a common question that gets asked and to say it is green isn't a good enough answer for us. Often times we recommend our customers submit photos of their pond weeds and algae for us to identify before we tell them what product to use...
Our Pond Looks Wonderful
Helpful advise results in beautiful looking ponds! We recently gave a customer the same advise we post on our blogs and over the phone on a daily basis. This advise is simple, but can make a drastic change in the health of your pond.
Benefits of Muck Doctor
With a little TLC, your unsightly body of water can be transformed into a beautiful usable pond. In most cases transforming a pond is fairly simple. Pinpointing what your problems are, finding a solution and applying the product on a regular basis is all it takes.
How to Kill Cattails
Cattails can be a beautiful addition to a pond, but if pond owners aren't careful their ponds will be overcome with cattails. Cattails are perennials and will spread rapidly.
Green Scum on Pond
This was recently sent in from a pond owner: "I have a small 1 acre or less 15 year old pond 10' at deepest. Last year and this I had very bad covering of floating ...
Importance of Properly Identifying Pond Weeds
We had a pond owner contact us about having growth in her pond and not being able to kill it. She explained she has been using lots of granular copper ...