Freshwater Bryozoans
Bryozoans are colonies of zooids that function together to outcompete other creatures for a similar food source. They are filter feeders ...
Hydrodictyon Algae

A customer of ours from Wittenberg, WI was having trouble with a specific growth in his pond. Based on his description of the growth, I was stumped as well so I had him take some pictures of the growth and send them in. After receiving the pictures I was excited to show them to our aquatic specialis...

How Sanco Got Its Name
When doing business with a company, I will often research how they got started. Knowing the history of a company often times gives you a new/different perspective of the company. You can see Sanco's story on the About Us page of our website...
Winter Fountain Removal
Removing a fountain from a pond is the most effective way to clean, maintain and protect one’s fountain during the winter season.
Prep Your Pond for Winter with an Aerator
For all you pond owners that endure four seasons don't forget to prep you pond for winter! At this point you should have decent control of your algae and weeds. If you don't shame on you...just kidding, but you still want