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Clean, Clear, and Crystal Blue

Sanco Industries offers more than just pond supplies. Even though Sanco is mostly known for our pond and lake products, we have grown into a specialty chemical manufacturer.  We have been able to take our line of pond products and market them in a variety of different industries.  This ability to cross market has allowed us to create multiple product lines that can handle a wide variety of your home, garden, and farming needs. Depending on the product, you can count on us to...
  • give you a pond that’s clean and clear, free of muck, algae, and weeds with our complete line of pond maintenance products
  • make your pond a focal point with one of our pond fountain pumps
  • grow a beautiful garden with our specialty fertilizers and calcium products
  • give your field crops the best oppurtunity to succeed with our liquid foliar fertilizers
  • keep your animals and livestock healthy, by stopping dangerous infections
  • eliminate rust on equipment and machinery
 The Best of the Best 
 Here are some of our Top Sellers
Crystal Blue Pond Dye Patch Worx Pond Booster

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