Toll Blending

What is Chemical Toll Blending?

Toll blending, also called contract manufacturing or contract blending, is a process in which the production of chemical blending is outsourced (to us). Our Biologist and Chemist can take your formula, raw materials, and packaging and turn it into a finished product, ready for shipping. Sanco Industries specializes in toll blending, private label manufacturing and packaging of liquid chemicals. We are also capable of repackaging liquid chemicals for you. We provide the facility and labor to repackage bulk material into smaller containers.

All of our employees are under confidentiality agreements. We take your trust seriously and protect your valuable asset. If you have a formulation that you would like to have manufactured and packaged, we will toll blend for you with the complete assurance that your formulation is yours and yours alone. We simply manufacture your formulation for you.
We will not distribute your products, market formulations or sell products under our own label.
What is Toll Blending 

We will work with you to customize the best solution for your business.

  • Turn Key – We provide a complete solution.  Sanco sources all raw materials and packaging, then we blend, package and ship according to your specifications.
  • Service – You provide all raw materials and packaging. We blend and package according to your specifications. You can arrange shipping or we can assist as directed.
  • Hybrid – Some materials and/or packaging provided by you and some by us. We blend, package, ship as it works best for your company.


Sanco Industries, being an Indiana based facility, is an ideal location for companies who need to provide chemical products to customers all over the United States. We can manufacture and ship products from our facility at a substantially lower cost than a customer would incur by producing at their own plants and shipping a longer distance. Utilizing our shipping volume we are able to secure low LTL and volume rates, lowering your shipping cost per unit and increasing your bottom line.


Prior to discussing specifics of any private labeling, manufacturing, bottling or toll blending project, a mutual non-disclosure confidentiality agreement will be signed by both parties. This will protect any type of confidential and proprietary information.