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What are the best products for pond algae control and how do I get rid of green pond water?

If you own or manage a pond, eventually you will have to consider using a pond algaecide.  A pond is a living, breathing ecosystem that will contain plants and animals.  However, algae can quickly overtake your pond if you are not prepared to do some sort of maintenance and control.  Some growth is inevitable and necessary to maintain a healthy balance in a pond, but too much can be very detrimental.  The good news, is that algaecides for ponds are fast acting.  Once applied pond algae will change from a vibrant green color to brown/yellow/white within 24 hours of application.  This indicates the pond algaecide is working and the dead vegetation will fall to the bottom with the next rainfall.     

There are several things you should consider when trying to control your green pond water. A pond owner always has to keep in mind that there are an infinite number of variables that can change in a pond; for example, temperature, run-off, rainfall, type of fish living in the pond, animals that visit your pond, and the depth of your pond. All of these things are different from one pond to the next and can change the way you plan your pond algae control.

If you currently have algae, you will want to use a pond algaecide to kill off some of the algae. Sanco Industries offers two types of pond algae control.

  • Crystal Plex- is a liquid pond algae control product. Liquid copper products will control a larger variety of algae such as: Chara, green pond water, filamentous, and planktonic.
  • Copper Sulfate- is a granular copper sulfate that is usually cast out on top of thick floating algae mats to break up and kill the thick mats.

Both of these products are helpful in pond algae control. Ultimately, you will want to figure out what is causing your excessive pond algae growth in order to have a more permanent solution. Excessive pond algae growth can be due to too much fertilizer runoff and/or large amounts of organic material causing an increase in nitrates and phosphates. Beneficial pond bacteria can be the key to helping suppress algae growth by neutralizing some of the nitrates and phosphates the algae needs to thrive.

    For more information about algaecides, contact Sanco.

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