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Mosquitoes are one of those common nuisances that make their presence felt from spring to fall. Now, we have more to be concerned about other than the irritating itch that they provide. With the new reality of the West Nile Virus, Chikungunya Virus, and the Zika Virus along with several other nasty viruses, we must consider them a very real danger to our family’s health.

Female mosquitoes require blood proteins to produce their eggs. That is why they consume blood from both animals and humans. After the blood feast, the female mosquito utilizes the proteins to produce the eggs and is ready to lay those eggs within hours.

The female mosquito must find a source of water to land on and deposit the eggs. Depending on the mosquito species, they may lay the eggs in water ranging from stagnant ponds to rain filled tires to water filled containers as small as a tin can!

Mosquitoes must have water to survive. The eggs, larvae and pupae stages are all aquatic; they live 100% of those stages in the water. The adult needs water to keep from drying out.

End the easy access that mosquitoes have to water around your house! Bring Mosquito Denial into your arsenal in your war against mosquitoes!

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Mosquito Denial

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