Grey Water Treatment

Grey Water Odor Control
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RV Holding Tank Treatment

Use RV Worx Grey Water Treatment to your drains, sink traps and waste vents to control odors and prevent buildup. 

    • Helps prevent grease buildup
    • Environmentally Safe
    • Stops Sink Trap Odors
    • Formaldehyde Free
    • Mt. Breeze Scent
For best results, grey water tanks should be emptied, flushed and treated weekly or when black water tank is 3/4 full (whichever comes first).  Apply before transit to and from camping excursions.  Pour down sink/shower drain.  Do not mix with other products.
After emptying and closing the grey water tank pour 1 oz.  down each drain followed by running water for 30 seconds.  For larger tanks, extended holding periods, or temperatures over 85˚F adding an extra 1 oz. down each drain is recommended.  
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