Easy Weeder Bag

Garden Weed Preventer
SKU: 02021
Manufacturer part number: 02021
Garden Weed Preventor
Use Easy Weeder for garden weed control. Prevents weed growth around flowers, trees, shrubs, and vegetables.  This weed prevention product is comparable to nationally known products for a better price.  Prevents garden weeds from germinating.  No more difficult and time-consuming weed pulling.  Easy Weeder has an organic carrier (corncobs), which allows the product to be released better.  The shaker bag allows for easy application with no burping or equipment needed. 
  • 6 lbs. covers 960 sq. ft.
  • Use every 4-6 weeks
  • Contains 1.47% treflan
  • Contains a yellow tracking agent for easy application
  • Compare to Preen
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