Animal Health

Keep your livestock healthy with Sanco's animal health line. Control and prevent hoof infections with hoof care products like Hoof Plex Concentrate and Thrush Plex. Control algae in your livestock water tanks with our Stock Plex, stock tank water treatment product.
Sanco's hoof care products are copper sulfate reduced by at least 80%, which saves money and is friendlier to the environment. Our hoof care products can prevent all types of hoof problems in dairy cattle, beef cattle, horses, goats, sheep, llamas, and many other hoofed livestock. Use our hoof care products to prevent infections like white line disease, hoof rot, and thrush.
Sanco's stock tank algae control will keep your stock tanks clean.
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DMSO 16 ounce Liquid

Liquid Solvent

DMSO 4 ounce Gel

Gel Solvent

Stock Plex

Stock Tank Algaecide
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