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How to Kill Pond Algae

Follow these steps to kill pond algae and prevent the growth from coming back.

Aeration vs. Chemicals

Can you compare the use and effectiveness of pond aeration vs. pond chemicals?

Pond Maintenance 101-Outside Factors

Creating a healthy pond environment takes more than just the right product. Several outside factors can make or break your pond maintenance efforts.

Pond Maintenance 101-Products

Creating a healthy pond environment is all about inhibiting algae and weeds and slowing their growth down so that it is easier to manage.

Pond Maintenance 101 Blog Series

In this blog series we will cover each of these topics in detail to give you an understanding and set your expectations about pond maintenance.

Pond Water Clarity

The type of soil your pond was built with can affect water clarity.

Importance of Good Pond Access

Pond access is an often-overlooked component of a pond, and is often one of the biggest annoyances once it goes bad!

Pond Shoreline

A ponds shoreline should not be steep along the edge of the pond.