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Weed ID: Hydrilla

Hydrilla is an invasive non-native weed that has broad leaves that form a whorl from the central stem.

Weed ID Series: Coontail

Coontail is a common native freshwater plant that stays completely submersed. Coontail is one of the only pants that can pollinate completely under water.

Weed ID: Creeping Water Primrose

Creeping water primrose, or floating primrose willow, is an invasive perennial aquatic plant with long stems and primrose-like yellow flowers.

Weed ID: Curly Leaf

Curly leaf pond weed is a submerged aquatic plant with thin wavy leaves and finely serrated edges.

Weed ID: Sago Pond Weed

Sago pondweed can grow quickly and can be found early to mid-season. It is quite a nuisance as it clogs up boat propellers and tangles fishing lures.


Though there isn't any direct way to eliminate the leech population in your pond, there are a few tricks you can try that we have found to be useful.

Pond Turnovers

A pond turnover is a natural event that can occur in any pond.

Mosquito Prevention With Pond Maintenance

Shallow waters can easily become a breeding ground for mosquitoes in the summertime. Maintaining your pond and keeping it clean can help lower the mosquito population.

Cleaning Series: Orange Oil

Orange Oil is an all-purpose cleaner derived from citrus peels and is a great alternative to harsh household chemicals.

Cleaning Series

Over the years, we have become a specialty chemical manufacturer with leading products in several industries.

Winter Weeds & Algae

Ponds are not free from weeds and algae, even in the winter. Maintain your pond throughout the winter season to prep your pond for the spring.

Break Down Roots With Root Destroyer

Clogged pipes from tree roots can be a costly and start a chain reaction of problems with your home. Put an end to that now with Sanco's Root Destroyer.