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Treating Cattails with Catt Plex

Many people fail to understand that there are specific guidelines for being able to successfully kill off cattails. Catt Plex is a wonderful product if applied correctly and within the right conditions.

UV Lighting and Your Decorative Pond

Bacteria must pass directly in front of the UV light to be affected. The UV light is not able to distinguish the difference between the good and the bad bacteria, so any bacteria that passes over it will be affected.

Go Green with Emerald Green

Emerald Green is a dark green water dye designed for use in fountains, small ponds, water features, and canals. It is typically used to tint water for St. Patrick's Day celebrations i.e. the San Antonio River Walk.

Stop Wasting Chemical – Here’s How You Can!

Lazer is a non-toxic concentrated colorant designed to be used with herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, and fertilizers that helps you stop wasting chemical by showing you where you’ve been.

Orange Oil

The many practical uses of Orange Oil: an all-natural nontoxic cleaner and air freshener derived from the citrus of orange peels

Fall Pond Treatment Blog Series

Many pond owners are tempted to slack on pond treatment as fall approaches. However, this is an important time of the season to continue pond maintenance.

How to Kill Pond Algae

Follow these steps to kill pond algae and prevent the growth from coming back.

Aeration vs. Chemicals

Can you compare the use and effectiveness of pond aeration vs. pond chemicals?

Pond Maintenance 101-Outside Factors

Creating a healthy pond environment takes more than just the right product. Several outside factors can make or break your pond maintenance efforts.

Pond Maintenance 101-Products

Creating a healthy pond environment is all about inhibiting algae and weeds and slowing their growth down so that it is easier to manage.