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Winter Weeds & Algae

Ponds are not free from weeds and algae, even in the winter. Maintain your pond throughout the winter season to prep your pond for the spring.

Break Down Roots With Root Destroyer

Clogged pipes from tree roots can be a costly and start a chain reaction of problems with your home. Put an end to that now with Sanco's Root Destroyer.

Catt Plex, Water Lilies, & Spadderdock

Can Catt Plex treat lily pads? The answer is yes! Catt Plex is able to successfully treat pond weeds that are in the same family as lily pads, or water lilies.

Catt Plex vs. Roundup

All of our aquatic chemicals are aquatic grade and safe to use around humans, pets, and wildlife. By using the combination of Catt Plex and Plex Mate, you will be treating your pond weeds legally and safely.

Ponds Are Not Pools

It may be hard to believe, but not all weed or algae growth is bad. In fact, it is necessary for keeping a healthy ecosystem in your pond.

Working with Mulch Worx

Mulch Worx is a commercial grade, concentrated dye used to restore the faded mulch in your yard. Add instant curb appeal with our three color options: Cocoa Brown, Midnight Black, and Rich Red.

Breathe Life Back into your Butcher Block with Wood Worx

Wood Worx Butcher Block Oil will penetrate deep into the wood to prevent wood from drying out and cracking. The best way to preserve wood surfaces is to keep water and liquids out. Wood Worx Butcher Block Oil will keep your wooden utensils by sealing out moisture and odors.

Propylene Glycol vs. Glycerin

Propylene glycol and glycerin vegetable are two products that are often confused with one another, with good reason. This blogpost will clear up any misunderstandings between the two chemicals and help you determine which product is best for you.

Halloween Fog

Halloween Fog is a specially formulated fog machine fluid; made with premium pharmaceutical grade chemicals, to produce a medium density fog with great hang time and dispersion.

Blue-Green Algae

Blue-green algae blooms can create toxins that may be harmful to humans, pets, livestock, wildlife, and fish.

Decorative Fountain Algae Control

Decorative Fountain Algae Control is a EPA registered product that keeps water clean and clear for small decorative ponds and fountains.

Barley Straw vs Pond Chemicals

Barley straw treatments are slow, only preventative, and hardly comparable to the countless pond products that we carry here at Sanco Industries.