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Green X: Koi Safe Algaecide

Green X is a copper sulfate-free algaecide that is safe to use in ponds that have koi, goldfish, and related species.

Fog Worx

Fog-get about the other brands, give Fog Worx a try. You won't be disappointed!

Weed ID: Hydrilla

Hydrilla is an invasive non-native weed that has broad leaves that form a whorl from the central stem.

Weed ID Series: Coontail

Coontail is a common native freshwater plant that stays completely submersed. Coontail is one of the only pants that can pollinate completely under water.

Weed ID: Creeping Water Primrose

Creeping water primrose, or floating primrose willow, is an invasive perennial aquatic plant with long stems and primrose-like yellow flowers.

Weed ID: Curly Leaf

Curly leaf pond weed is a submerged aquatic plant with thin wavy leaves and finely serrated edges.

Weed ID: Sago Pond Weed

Sago pondweed can grow quickly and can be found early to mid-season. It is quite a nuisance as it clogs up boat propellers and tangles fishing lures.


Though there isn't any direct way to eliminate the leech population in your pond, there are a few tricks you can try that we have found to be useful.

Pond Turnovers

A pond turnover is a natural event that can occur in any pond.

Mosquito Prevention With Pond Maintenance

Shallow waters can easily become a breeding ground for mosquitoes in the summertime. Maintaining your pond and keeping it clean can help lower the mosquito population.

Cleaning Series: Orange Oil

Orange Oil is an all-purpose cleaner derived from citrus peels and is a great alternative to harsh household chemicals.

Cleaning Series

Over the years, we have become a specialty chemical manufacturer with leading products in several industries.

Winter Weeds & Algae

Ponds are not free from weeds and algae, even in the winter. Maintain your pond throughout the winter season to prep your pond for the spring.