How do I install the pond aerator?

Placing an aerator into your pond can be accomplished in a few easy steps. First, carefully remove the aerator from the packaging and uncoil the  aerator hose. Next, fill diffuser and weight with gravel or sand. Place pump securely on the shoreline. Sink the diffuser in or near the deepest part of the water. the airline is weighted, so this will drop to the bottom. Plug in the aerator and everything should be up and running.

How do I clean the aerator's filter?

To clean the aerator filter, remove the cover screw securing the semi-cover to the pump housing and remove the filter pad. Gently dust the filter pad then hand-wash in mild, soapy water and let dry. Replace the filter pad and filter cover. Secure with the cover screw.

Should I protect and cover the aerator pump?

To lengthen the lifespan of the pump, it is recommended to shelter the aerator pump from the elements. This can be done by covering the unit with a fake boulder (which can usually be found at a local home improvement center) or any other type of housing that has proper ventilation.

How to replace the aerators diaphragm.

Make sure the aerator is unplugged. Remove the screws or bolts on the four corners of the pump case and remove the top cover. Remove plastic diaphragm covers. Unscrew nut on both sides of the diaphragm. Replace new diaphragms on both sides. Re-install diaphragm covers on both sides. Replace top cover back on pump case and fasten screws or bolts.

What to do if the aerator stops working.

First unplug the aerator and check diffuser(s) to make sure they are not clogged. If diffuser(s) are not clogged, next check electric outlet to make sure it is getting power. If the outlet is in working condition, then you will want to check the condition of the diaphragm. See "How to replace diaphragm." If you find that the diaphragms are damaged or torn you will want to replace it. Please contact Sanco Industries with additional troubleshooting issues.

Will Crystal Plex still work if it freezes?

Yes, but the product may not be as effective.  When using frozen Crystal Plex be sure to shake well before diluting and spraying algae for control. I recommend using warm/hot water to dilute the frozen Crystal Plex before spraying.

How long is beneficial pond bacteria good for?

Sanco has several different forms of bacteria, liquid and dry. 
Our liquid Natural Pond Cleaner can last for more than 5 years if kept in a stable temperature unopened.  Once opened you should use Natural Pond Cleaner within 2 years.  Once opened and stored you may loose some spores over time. 
Sanco's dry packs and spikes can last at full strength up to 3-4 years.  Spores may fade over time, but some germination could be expected indefinitely. 

Is Sanco's Stock Plex safe for sheep?

In short, yes it is safe.  The recommended dosage for Stock Plex in a stock tank is .4 ppm.  Sheep diets require 5 ppm of copper.  What sheep owners need to consider is the total amount of copper your sheep are consuming.  Many feeds contain copper so while our product isn't enough to harm the sheep when combined with other products used by sheep you could go over the recommended dosage of copper to keep your sheep safe.

How does foliar feeding work?

Roots take up the bulk of the nutrients, but small amounts of nutrients enter through the leaves and stems. The efficiency of uptake through the leaf is high compared to the root, but the quantity taken in is small in comparison to the root.

How do I know if I'm allowed to treat my pond water with Crystal Blue products?

If there are regulatory restrictions for products they will be listed on each product page.   However, some local governments and agencies apply stricter regulations than their state.  To be certain you are legally allowed to treat with certain products it is best to contact a local governmental agency like the DNR. 
In Vermont, application of pesticidal and non-pesticidal products to waters in the state of Vermont may require that the user obtain a permit prior to use.  For more info on the state of Vermont contact:http://permits.vermont.gov/faq/anr_dec_pslocator 
For additional questions contact us