Will pond dyes/colorants hurt my fish?

All of Sanco's pond dyes/colorants are safe and will not cause any harm to fish.
Crystal Blue and Ocean Blue are food grade dye/colorants and are 100% safe for fish, animals, recreation, irrigation and potable water.
Black Out is safe for fish, animals, recreation, irrigation, but is not safe for potable water. 

How often should I apply colorant to my pond?

Most pond dyes will last in your pond approximately 30 days.  You may have to add more pond dye before 30 days if you have execissive rainfall, run-off, a heavy out flow,  or evaporation.  If your colorant is fading you will visually be able to tell and should add more dye to the water.

How much colorant should I use in my pond?

Crystal Blue, Ocean Blue, and Black Out's application rates are based on 1 surface acre with an average water depth of 4-6 feet deep.  One gallon of any of the listed colorants will treat about 1 acre 4-6 feet deep.  For our water soluble pond dye bags you would use one box for 1 acre 4-6 feet deep. 
Pond dye is largely based on personal preference.  If you want your pond a little darker add more colorant. 

How do I clean up a pond colorant spill?

Do not add water to the spill, you will just spread the dye!
If you have a liquid pond dye spill, soak up as much of the product with an oil absorbent.  Place the soiled absorbent in a trash bag to prevent colorant bleeding on anything else.
Use a 50/50 bleach and water mixture to clean up the rest.
To clean off of hands use bleach water, but be sure to keep out of eyes.

Can I over treat my pond with Crystal Blue colorant?

You can over tint your pond, but Crystal Blue pond colorant is a food grade dye and non-toxic to fish and animal life. If you put more then the recommended dose in your pond, the color will be a darker color, but dissipate over time.
** Please note, the gallon size is meant for larger ponds a 10th of an acre or higher. Colorant is available for small, backyard decorative ponds in smaller units and shows dosage by gallons.