How do I apply Tsunami DQ,aquatic herbicide?

Spray application is most effective and recommended when treating weeds in your pond or lake with Tsuanmi DQ. Please note, this is a non-selective herbicide and can burn or kill plants it comes into contact with. See labeled instructions for amount of diquat needed. Application rates will vary based on overall size and depth of the pond in addition to identifying what type of weed you are treating.  It is necessary to wear protective clothing and eye wear when applying and avoid coming into contact with mist.

When do I use Tsunami DQ?

Tsunami DQ, diquat should be applied when you first notice weed growth. It is important to properly identify the weed to make sure you are using the most effective product. Do not treat if your water temperatures are below 50 degrees as you do not want to waste the herbicide.

Does Tsunami DQ have any restrictions or warnings?

Tsunami DQ has restrictions on consumption and irrigation after application. Please refer to chart on labeled instructions for appropriate time frame (anywhere from 1 to 5 days.) Read complete label directions before handling Tsunami DQ. Keep livestock and all animals away from treated forage near ponds, lake, fields and crops for a 24 hour period. It is recommended to wear protective clothing and eye wear, chemical-resistant gloves and footwear with socks.