Pond Problems: Mosquitoes

One of Sancos's products has made the news, Mosquito Denial!  With the recent increase in Zika virus cases there is no better time to think about how to keep your family safe from disease transferring mosquitoes.  Female mosquitoes must find a source of water to land on and deposit her eggs. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in a range of water types from stagnant ponds to small rain filled containers. Mosquito prevention is the best way to combat this pesky insect. Here are some tips to keep your family safe from mosquitoes and the variety of diseases they could potentially be carrying this summer season.

  • Use mosquito repellent that contains Deet.
  • Fog areas around your home that you use most often
  • Dump pet water bowls and birdbaths daily and refill
  • Spray Mosquito Denial on any areas that hold large amounts of water like ponds and ditches

Spraying Mosquito Denial will break the tension on the surface of the water. This will prevent mosquitoes from being able to land and lay eggs on the surface of the body of water. Mosquito Denial doesn’t kill mosquitoes; it creates an environment unconducive to their breeding preferences. Using Mosquito Denial along with the other mosquito prevention tips listed above will help keep mosquitoes from thriving in your outdoor areas. For more information on our full line of Crystal Blue pond maintenance products contact the helpful staff at Sanco Industries.