Pond Dye Comparison

There are many brands and shades of pond dye on the market today. Sanco has three different colors that come in both liquid and water soluble throw packs. If you are trying a different brand it is important to compare apples to apples.

For example, we have two variations of blue pond dye: Crystal Blue and Ocean Blue. Our Crystal Blue is made up of Acid Blue #9. Ocean Blue is made up of Yellow #23 and Acid Blue #9. One of our competitors, Aquashade®, has a pond dye that is also made up of Yellow #23 and Acid Blue #9. On many occasions a previous Aquashade® customers will buy our Crystal Blue and say that it isn’t the same as Aquashade® and they are correct because they are comparing two completely different colors of pond dye. If customers are looking for a comparable product to Aquashade®, they need to be purchasing the Ocean Blue.

Crystal Blue is designed to give your pond a natural royal blue appearance compared to the Ocean Blue or Aquashade® that has a turquoise tint to it. For more information on comparing different brands or shades of pond dye contact Sanco Industries.