Pond Dye

Pond dye is an important step in preventative pond maintenance. The great thing about pond dye unlike many other products is that you can apply pond dye during any season. Applications of algaecides and herbicides need water temperatures to be at least 50°F. Once water temps drop below 50°F, weeds and algae become dormant and stop absorbing nutrients as well as the product.

We encourage pond owners to apply pond dye until the pond freezes solid and they physically can’t get the dye into the pond. Keeping dye in the pond will ensure the pond is ready to go as soon as the ice melts in the spring. You will have a leg up on the growth that is just waiting to thrive in the warm sunshine that comes along with spring.

Sanco has a variety of different colors to choose from: Crystal Blue, Ocean Blue, and Black Out. 1 gallon of pond dye will treat a 1 acre pond with an average depth of 4-6 feet deep. That gallon will typically last about 1 month. For more information on pond maintenance contact the experts at Sanco Industries.