Pond Dredging

Pond dredging can be done easily with Sanco’s all natural biological pond dredging product Excavate.
In the past, the only option for pond dredging was mechanical.  This process is very expensive and destructive.  It requires draining the pond, bringing in an excavator, scooping the smelly pond sludge out, letting the pond sludge dry on the banks of your pond, bringing in dump trucks to haul away the hazardous material, redoing your landscaping, and letting your pond fill back up.  As you can see this pond dredging experience is just short of a nightmare!
Sanco’s all natural biological pond dredging product, Excavate, is much easier and less intrusive.  We will grid and measure your pond muck/sludge for a reference, drop Excavate spikes into areas with the most concentrated sludge, and let the beneficial bacteria do the rest!  Biological pond dredging is that easy.  You can still use your pond for recreational activities throughout the entire pond dredging process.  In 90 days we will revisit and re-measure your pond sludge.  We guarantee 6 inches of pond muck in 90 days.
We have had some great success with Excavate.  Read more in a testimonial about the results of Excavate. 

The cost to biological dredge your pond with Excavate is a fraction of the cost compared to mechanical pond dredging. Call our office today talk with one of our specialists about pond dredging.