Pink Dye in Milwaukee Water Feature

Sanco was contacted by a landscaper the beginning of October inquiring about pink dye to be used in a rock water feature. After exchanging information and some photos they decided to move forward with our Trickled Pink product. We were excited to see the results and the landscaper ensured us he would send some photos of the water feature once the dye had been applied.

Last week I received a lovely email with an image attached. The email read:

To Whom It May Concern:

Riverview Realty Management was approached by the Susan G. Komen SE WI to join other buildings in Downtown Milwaukee to bring breast cancer awareness to the community. We decided to have pink flowers in the lobby, pink ribbons on our lobby desk and dye our fountain/pond water pink!!

In order to do this we asked our landscaper to help. They suggested Trickled Pink. The product was exactly what we needed and directions were easy to follow. After application, the color was monitored by our engineering staff so the water feature would maintain the perfect coloring. We received many compliments from tenants and their guests.

We will definitely use it again next year and many years to come.

Pink Water Dye