New Product- Rust Stain Remover

Sanco works hard to provide some of the best solutions to common household and farm needs.  What often begins as one product turns into a family of related products.  Our product Rust Kutter has been around for a long time and now has a partner in crime, Rust Remover.  Our Rust Kutter helps prevent the spread of rust on metal.  We are repeatedly asked for a product that can be used on other materials to remove rust stains.  We now have a solution!  
Sanco's Rust Remover is formulated to be safer, quicker and easier to use than traditional rust stain remover products. This product is tough on rust and easy on surfaces. Rust Remover will dissolve rust stains on sinks, dish washers, tile, tubs, siding, concrete, pillars, fences, color fast fabrics and much more. This is a nonabrasive rust remover that is sprayed on, attaches to rust, and rinses away easily.  The before and after pictures for this product are speak for the effectiveness of this product.  Be sure to check out the Rust Remover page to see the rest of the before and after rust stain remover pictures.
Rust Stain Remover