New Product: Mulch Dye

Sanco has an new line of dye products!  However, these dyes aren't for your pond, but for your mulch.  
Mulch Worx mulch dye restores old faded mulch to a beautiful, freshly landscaped appearance. Mulch dye adds instant curb appeal to any home or business.  Apply 2-3 coats from different directions for best results and even appearance.  Mulch Worx is a commercial grade, professional pigment intended for a longer lasting, beautiful result.
Sanco has 3 different colors to choose from in our Mulch Worx line of mulch dye.
Cocoa Brown
Midnight Black
Rich Red
Mulch Dye  
Visit the Mulch Dye product page to see a video demonstration of application as well as before and after photos.