New Product Cricket Frass

There has become an increasing demand for more natural products, especially for products being put on gardens, flowers, and used in hydroponic growing.  Sanco now has a product that is an all-natural fertilizer.  
You may have heard of insect frass, worm castings etc...Cricket Chit is similar to these products with the exception that it has a higher nitrogen level than many other similar products on the market.  Cricket Chit is a 4.5-2-2 fertilizer and loaded with beneficial bacteria.  Other frass products are 2-2-2 fertilizers.  
Cricket Chit is made up of cricket droppings, which makes it a great all-natural fertilizer for all of your plants.  For best results, work Cricket Chit into the soil and water (see label for specific dosing instructions).  For hydroponic growing be sure to filter the product through nylons prior to application to prevent clogging lines.  For more information on Cricket Chit contact Sanco Industries.