New Lawn and Garden Products for 2014

Sanco Industries is constantly working on new products to make jobs easier for the people doing them.  Jobs such as pond maintenance, septic maintenance, and lawn care are always main focus points for Sanco Industries.  Sanco wants to make sure that 2014 is a year that even more products are offered for all of these categories.  One area that Sanco has some exciting new products is in lawn and garden care.  Start next spring off on the right foot with some new products that will help in getting your lawn and garden looking great.

Lazer Blue Spray Pattern Indicator for gardens and lawns is a new product that is designed to show users exactly where they have already sprayed things such as pesticides and fertilizers so there is never any overlapping.  This will ensure that every area gets equal coverage and time is not wasted going over something twice.  Patch Worx is a brown spot lawn repair product that works to rejuvenate brown areas in a lawn and turn them back to the beautiful green color they are supposed to be.  Blazer Tank Cleaner is a product that can be used to effectively clean out spray tanks after the use of one chemical and before the use of another so there is absolutely no risk of cross contamination.  All these products will work to make lawn and garden care easier and more effective for anyone who uses them.

For any questions on Sanco Industries new lawn and garden care products please contact us today.