Natural Pond Cleaner

If you want to add fish to an algae-laden lake or pond there is one critical step for their successful introduction. Eliminate oxygen robbing algae, and Natural Pond Cleaner will accomplish this without destroying the existing beneficial bacteria already present.

I bet you want more than turtles and frogs to look at when you gaze upon your pond. You may have tried to add fish as a kind of natural pond cleaner to your pond with disastrous results. Over abundant algae has robbed your water of the oxygen aquatic life needs. Your pesky problem goes by many names; pond muck, water moss, and pond scum.

There are many beneficial bacteria already present in your pond and harsh chemicals will destroy them. Preserve the good while eliminating the bad with a natural pond cleaner. Crystal Blue, Natural Pond Cleaner by Sanco will do the job.

  • Break down muck and dead vegetation safely
  • 100% safe for humans, fish, and birds

Reclaim your lake or pond and enjoy the peaceful, tranquil blue waters. You may even want to enhance it further with a fountain or filtration system to have a long-lasting pristine pond. Contact Sanco today and start creating a soothing, algae-free pond.