Milfoil Weevils

How to Get Rid of Milfoil? Get Some Milfoil Weevils!

Chapman Lake in Warsaw Indiana had a severe milfoil issue and then suddenly it disappeared!Closeup of Weevil

Chapman Lake in Warsaw Indiana has been fighting an invasive pond weed called milfoil. The milfoil had consistently been getting worse from one year to the next. Finally the growth of milfoil got so bad the lake association and foundation decided to start a drive for an entire lake application to kill the milfoil. The association decided to take one summer off of spot spraying to save money for an entire lake application in 2012. Usually a spray application deals with aquatic herbicides like Tsunami DQ. In June the milfoil was taking over the lake and the association feared what the month of July would bring. Then in July the milfoil was gone.

They found some milfoil dying off and sent samples to Purdue University. The samples showed the lake was home to milfoil weevils…Yes I said weevils! Weevils are a small bug that is known for killing off large quantities of milfoil. Weevils will eat the stems of the milfoil and then go to shore in the winter. Some lakes pay thousands of dollars to introduce weevils into the lake, but some lakes are just lucky and can be carried in from water fowl. The hope is the weevils will come back into the lake after the winter to maintain the milfoil in future summers and the lake budget will be used on other beneficial cleanup projects. For more information Contact Sanco.