Koi Pond Supplies Rebrand

Sanco has always been known for its full line of large pond maintenance products. We also have a line of pond products that is geared towards smaller garden ponds that contain koi. The koi line has always been the ugly step child compared to our main, Crystal Blue line. We decided it was time to change that.

Our koi pond line has been rebranded, Koi Worx Deco Pond Care and we have added several sku’s. See a full list of our koi pond supplies below:


Pond Dye

Pond Cleaner

Water Clear


Muck Reducer

Prep is used in new ponds and immediately after a water change. Pond Dye is a safe non-toxic way to tint your water and give an attractive water color. Pond Cleaner is used to balance the ecosystem and maintain fish waste. Water Clear digests suspended dead organics to help keep the water clear. Defoamer is designed to minimize foam to give your pond a smooth, attractive surface. Muck Reducer is a concentrated bacteria for aggressive muck reduction and comes in the form of a tablet that sinks to the pond floor.

Koi Pond Products 

These products can be found in participating Tractor Supply and Menard stores or they can be purchased from our website.