Importance of Pond Muck Removal

You may be thinking... “Why do I need to worry about what’s on the bottom of my pond, as long as the surface looks good?”

Well…pond muck is the black, brown, sticky, slimy substance that builds up on the bottom of many ponds and lakes. It tends to build up over time if proper methods aren't being taken to prevent it.  Muck is caused from dying or decaying organics such as dead algae, twigs, grass clippings, fish waste, leaves, etc.

Once these organics enter your pond, they begin to decompose and over time become muck.  Muck undoubtedly is a food source. “A food source for what?” you may ask. Muck contains high levels of nutrients that feed algae and aquatic weeds. As the muck layer grows, so will your problems with these aquatic nuisances. Muck can also be a breeding ground for leeches as they love to grow in the muck.

There are a couple of things you can do to help not only get rid of the muck that is already there, but also help slow down the accumulation of muck.  I would recommend applying Natural Pond Cleaner on a monthly basis to maintain the overall health of your pond. Natural Pond Cleaner contains a blend of microorganisms, which are extremely beneficial to your ponds eco-system, balancing and maintaining the natural biological balance.  Natural Pond Cleaner breaks down the unsightly waste, which accumulates on the bottom of your pond as muck. Over time with regular monthly doses of Natural Pond Cleaner, you will notice a reduction of the muck and odors.

If there is a significant amount of muck (12 inches or more), I would recommend applying Muck Doctor.  Muck Doctor is specifically formulated to consume muck and sludge around beach areas and docks.  Muck Doctor contains concentrated yet safe bacteria that get rid of pond muck, dead leaves, odors and other organic material that can hurt the healthy balance of your pond or lake. With Muck Doctor you will notice a reduction in muck within a 90 day period.  Both the Natural Pond Cleaner and the Muck Doctor are completely safe and will not harm humans, fish, birds, pets, etc. 

So put your mind at ease and get more enjoyment out of your pond every year by letting Sanco Industries full line of pond maintenance products keep your pond healthy and clean from top to bottom.  Contact us for more information.