Importance of Bacteria in Pond Water

I can’t believe the leaves are changing already and fall is upon us.  Leaves will soon begin to fall and collect in depths of your pond. While this time of year is beautiful, excessive leaves in a pond can result in major problems.  Pond leaves will begin to decay and become rich organic muck feeding inevitable spring growth.

Are you doing anything to combat leaf build up in your pond?

Adding bacteria to your pond water is the best way to maintain pond leaves.  Pond bacteria comes in many forms. Sanco’s Natural Pond Cleaner is a maintenance liquid dose that should be applied every 30 days.  If you have excessive pond muck you may want to consider adding a more concentrated bacteria to your pond water.  Muck Doctor is Sanco’s concentrated form of bacteria that works great in beach and dock areas for fast clean up.

Enjoy the beautiful fall season, however don’t forget to add bacteria in your pond water.  For additional information on introducing bacteria in your pond water contact Sanco Industries.