How to get rid of muskrats in my pond?

Sanco is one of the leading manufacturers of pond maintenance products like pond dyes, pond bacteria, and pond algaecides.  Being we are experts at treating ponds it is only natural that we receive questions that have nothing to do with chemicals but still very related to ponds.

One of the most common questions we get in the office is, How do I get rid of muskrats in my pond?  Up until recently I didn’t really have a good response.  However, my dad just recently had a muskrat infestation and we found a great solution!  Muskrats reproduce rather quickly and can destroy a pond in a very short period of time.  My dad had 7 muskrats (that we know of) and 5 where caught using conibear traps. These traps need to be handled with care and come in various sizes.  In less than two weeks the conibear traps caught 5 muskrats and counting. 

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