Grime Buster is Back

Have you ever had a mess that is just impossible to clean up?  You go to the store and it seems like you have tried every product that is offered and nothing has been strong enough to tackle heavy duty problems like grease, certain adhesives or even tar.  Sanco Industries has specifically formulated a product that is designed for exactly those types of tough jobs. 

Grime Buster, a cleaning product designed by Sanco Industries is the thing that should be used to take care of hard to clean problems such as heavy grease, oil, tar, wax, adhesives and of course as the name indicates, grime.  The reason that Grime buster can clean up the serious problems that other every day cleaners can’t is because Grime Buster is an industrial strength cleaner.  This stuff is meant for the heavy duty problems, the messes that other cleaners just can’t take care of.  Grime Buster is safe to use on multiple surfaces such as counters, linoleum floors, and automobiles.  Simply apply to the surface that needs cleaning, let sit for around one minute, wipe with a clean towel and let Grime Buster do the work.  It is important to use in a well-ventilated area because this is a heavy cleaning product.

For any questions about Grime Buster or any other product offered by Sanco please contact us today.