Dealing with Pond Problems

Using the wrong aquatic chemicals will waste valuable time, money and the worst part is that you will still have the pond problem. As water temperatures increase growth will take off. If you had severe growth last year, there is a pretty good chance your growth is going to be just as bad if not worse this year.

Every pond owner should start their season using aquatic chemicals like pond dye and pond bacteria. These products are considered preventative maintenance products and with consistent use can help you avoid many pond problems like excessive growth and muck build up on the pond floor.

Pond problems like weeds and algae need to be treated with an aquatic herbicide or algaecide. Not all pond growth can be killed by the same product. Here are four products that can be used to kill aquatic growth:

Cyrstal Plex- Algaecide, use to kill any type of algae growing in your pond

Copper Sulfate- Algaecide, use to kill floating algae mats (filamentous algae)

Tsunami DQ- Herbicide, use to kill submerged and floating aquatic weeds

Catt Plex- Herbicide, use to kill emerged, shoreline aquatic weeds

For help identifying your pond problem visit our aquatic weed identification page.