Crystal Blue Pond and Lake Weed Cutter

We will be the first to admit we are primarily an aquatic chemical company. However, we aren’t naïve to notice there are other methods of pond and lake clean up.  We collaborated with a company that specialized in manual pond and lake weed removal tools several years ago. This worked for a short time, but as demand grew we began to run into problems that filtered down to our customers.
We take our customer satisfaction very seriously and decided it was time to come out with our own Crystal Blue branded pond and lake weed cutter. This allowed us to have better control of our supply, pricing, and marketing.
Crystal Blue Weed Cutter 
The Crystal Blue Weed Cutter offers a manual option for pond or lake property owners. The Weed Cutter can be used to help supplement your chemical treatments. This is a great alternative for property owners taking a more natural approach to pond maintenance and pond or lake weed removal. There are also many states that aquatic herbicides are restricted for sale and use, which makes the Weed Cutter the best option for pond clean up.
For more information on our complete line of pond maintenance products contact the pond experts at Sanco.