Black Pond Dye

Many pond owners don’t want to succumb to using a pond dye because they feel it will make their body of water look unnatural. There are many options that will keep your pond looking natural while gaining all the benefits of using a pond dye.

Black Pond Dye is the color we often recommend to a pond owner that is adamant about having a natural looking color. I know, I know…you are picturing a tar pit featured in the movie “The Croods”. I promise, your pond will not look like a tar pit.

Black Pond Dye got its start among golf courses. We aren’t talking small, no name par 3 golf courses…we are talking large golf courses that host large tournaments. The ponds on a golf course are usually an eye sore. Golf course funds go to maintaining the greens and fairways, therefore, all of the fertilizer used to keep a golf course green is going to do the same to the pond when it filters in, turn it green.

The solution ended up being Black Pond Dye. Why not Blue? The black dye tends to give the pond a mirrored surface which reflects surrounding landscape. Once again, why not reflect what they spend all their time, money and effort on…the greens and fairways.

Black Pond Dye

Black pond dye has slowly gained popularity among privately owned ponds. By far the most popular color of pond dye is still royal blue (Crystal Blue), but the black is slowly gaining market share. Many customers that use black dye say that it slows growth much better than blue pond dye. While there is no scientific study proving these observations, I could see how this would be true.

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