Aquatic Chemical

   There are many people that cringe when they hear the words aquatic chemicals. They feel that most of the aquatic chemicals in the market today are harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment or may hurt the living creatures in their pond. Don’t get me wrong, there are many aquatic chemicals that can be detrimental to the environment.  Some aquatic chemicals restrict any use of the pond for several months.  Sanco’s aquatic chemicals are a safe way to keep your pond clean and clear while being able to still use your pond for recreational activities.  Sanco’s brand of aquatic chemicals are known as Crystal Blue.  There are five products in Sanco’s line of aquatic chemicals: Crystal Blue Pond Dye, Crystal Plex, Natural Pond Cleaner, Tsunami DQ, and Catte Plex.  Each one of these products can help different problems in your pond.  For more information on identifying your pond problem visit our Solving Your Pond Problem section. 

   Pond dyes are one of the safest products you can put in your pond, but some claim pond dyes are horrible for you, it kills fish, and the most outrageous claim that it could give you cancer. All these statements are extremely false and inaccurate. The dye is a highly concentrated food grade dye that does not hurt any living thing or harm the environment in any way. There are people that say a blue dye makes a pond look too artificial. That’s no problem, they have other pond dyes that give it a more natural color and have the same great effects.

   Another aquatic chemical is Crystal Plex Algae Control. Yes, it is an algaecide and can harm you if swallowed directly out of the bottle but once applied in the pond there are no restrictions on swimming or any other recreational activities.  Once a pond owner gets a handle on any weed or algae situation they can start using the Natural Pond Cleaner. Natural Pond Cleaner is an all natural enzyme that feeds off the same micronutrients that weeds and algae feed off of. Natural Pond Cleaner is one of the best all natural aquatic chemicals to use. The enzymes actually break down any dead vegetation that may be on the bottom of your pond while also clarifying the water. These enzymes will also colonize maximizing the results of its use.

Not all aquatic chemicals are bad. You just have to gain some common knowledge on the aquatic chemicals that you plan to put in your pond.  Aquatic chemicals like many products get a bad reputation because they have been misused in the past.  It is important to read all label directions when using aquatic chemicals to avoid problems due to misuse.

If you have any questions about treating your pond with aquatic chemicals you can contact our knowledgeable staff.