Aerators in the Winter

If you are concerned about the health of your fish over the winter months you may want to consider installing an aerator. Aerators help keep pond water moving, but more importantly introduce oxygen into the water column. Oxygen rich water ensures the safety of your fish.

Aerators are very important in the winter because they allow an area of the pond to remain open while continually introducing oxygen into the pond even though the pond is 95% covered in ice and/or snow. That being said a pond with an aerator should not be used for recreational winter activities like ice skating, hokey, or ice fishing.

An aerator will have a pump that sits on the shore line. The pump will have an 8 ft. electrical cable to plug into your power source and airline coming out of the other side leading down to the diffuser heads that sit on the bottom of the pond floor. It is important that you do not place your diffuser heads too deep. Excessive pressure from the diffuser being too deep will burn up the motor.


Sanco has several different aerator models to accommodate different size ponds.





*additional airline can be added to each of these units.

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