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Winter Fountain Removal

20 Oct 2010

Removing a fountain from a pond is the most effective way to clean, maintain and protect one’s fountain during the winter season.

Not all fountains need to be removed from the pond during winter.  But all fountains need to be cleaned, inspected and maintained periodically in order to maintain efficient operation.  We recommend removing the fountain from the pond in the fall before winter sets in to clean, maintain and protect the fountain from freezing.

The first thing to consider in removing a fountain from the pond is electricity.  Make sure to shut down all circuits from the fountain panel to the breaker box to insure that all power lines running to the fountain are disconnected.  Now, one may prepare to remove the fountain.

To remove the fountain, you will need a small boat with electric motor and battery, a float to suspend the anchor ropes, a standard screwdriver, and a good brush and water hose.

Place the boat with battery and motor into the pond.  Motor out to the disconnected fountain.  Unhook one anchor rope and attach to float.  Unhook second and third (if present) anchor ropes and attach them to the same float.  Be sure that all anchor ropes and power cables are untangled before pushing the fountain towards shore.  Now, if possible, lift the fountain into the boat.  If the fountain is too large to lift into the boat, then you will need to push it towards shore, near the power panel.  Pushing the fountain in to shore, you must stop once the bottom of the fountain hits the pond bottom.  Now, get out of the boat and on to shore.  Disconnect the fountain cables from the control panel by unplugging the fountain on fountains with plugs or unscrew the ends of the cables from the control block inside the panel.  Pull the power cable from the control box.  Using the power cables, pull and begin coiling the cable onto shore.  As you collect the cable, you will begin to pull on the fountain.  At this point, you may need to get into the water to finish lifting the fountain out of the water.  You may use boots or waders, or you may lift it from the boat.  Once you get the fountain to shore, gather the fountain and cable and bring them to your clean up area.  While using a hose with water and a good brush, clean off all of the algae and debris on the fountain.  Examine all of the cable for any breaks or damage, and then examine the unit for damage.  If any damage is noted, call your manufacturer for further instructions.  Otherwise, store your fountain in a dry, heated location for the winter.

For more information on winter fountain maintenance contact Sanco.  Looking for a fountain...check out our pond fountains.