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Winter Fountain Maintenance

23 Nov 2015
Fountain removal is an important part of winter pond maintenance.  Fountains, unlike aerators should be removed to ensure the life of the pump.  This is also a perfect time to clean & inspect the fountain.

Leaving a fountain in the pond over the winter can have several consequences.  Even if the pump is turned off there is still water in and around the pump.  The water will freeze and expand, putting the working parts at risk for breaking.  Some fountain owners will choose to leave their fountain on with the thought that moving water won't freeze.  This is not a guarantee.  If temperatures get extremely cold the ice will start to form on the pump and with prolonged extreme temperatures the entire fountain will freeze.  This puts great stress on the pump because the motor is working overtime resulting in the motor burning up.  Fountains that are left on during the winter can create great works of art as the ice begins to form and build on itself.  Towering ice mountains will appear.

When fountains are left in a pond it weakens the stability of the ice.  Do not go out on a pond that has a fountain or aerator running in the winter.
For more information about fountain removal contact Sanco Industries.