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Why are my pond products not working?

Typically when someone calls in and says their pond products aren't working the first question we ask is what are their goals. What are they trying to achieve?

Nine times out of ten they say I have this or that growing on my pond and I want it gone. We then ask what products are you using...

This is a common conversation and we actually just had this conversation with one of our customers. He was using our Crystal Blue pond dye and Natural Pond Cleaner beneficial pond bacteria. Both are great products, but aren't going to kill existing growth. Therefore, he thought the products weren't working. We had him send us some pictures of his pond, identified his growth and let him know what products he would need to use to control his growth.We encouraged this customer to continue using the pond dye and pond bacteria, but to also use Crystal Plex for his algae problem and Tsunami DQ for his duckweed.

If you are using pond products and they aren't working contact the helpful staff at Sanco.

Be sure you know what is growing in your pond before you treat.