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What is growing in my pond?

What is that in my pond? This is a common question that gets asked and to say it is green isn't a good enough answer for us. Often times we recommend our customers submit photos of their pond weeds and algae for us to identify before we tell them what product to use. We just received these images. The first is Milfoil a pond weed that can be controlled by using 1 gallon of Tsunami DQ per acre. The second is Chara, a pond algae. Chara can be controlled by Crystal Plex. However, when it gets late in the season chara can become calcified making it difficult to treat. Also, notice the wonderful clarity of this customers water. The clarity of his water is most likely an effect of having chara in his pond. Chara is a filter algae that can be very beneficial for a pond and it is recommended to leave some of this type of growth.

Milfoil in a pond

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