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What do Pond Weeds and Muck have in common?

Pond owners often treat their pond problems in one of two ways. They will either lump all pond problems together or they will separate every problem independent of each other. I know what you are thinking…what other option is there? We are suggesting that pond owners think of pond problems as a cause and effect. Is there one problem in the pond that is causing another problem?

A perfect example of this situation is pond weed growth and pond muck. What do pond weeds and muck have in common? A lot! The more pond muck, the more weeds the pond will have. Pond owners will focus all their efforts on controlling pond weeds. The pond owner needs to stop and ask, why are my pond weeds so bad?

Pond muck is full of rich, organic material that is a wonderful food source for pond weeds. By treating pond muck with beneficial bacteria products you are minimizing the food source the pond weeds have available. Monthly applications of pond bacteria will ensure “good bacteria” is constantly consuming organic buildup on the pond floor. This doesn’t mean pond weeds won’t grow, however, the growth will slow down and be much easier to manage. Add a pond dye and the growth will slow even more.

When pond owners look at their pond problems as cause and effect, efforts will be maximized and less product will be required.  For more information on pond maintenance problems, contact Sanco.