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Weed ID: Curly Leaf

Curly leaf pond weed is a submerged aquatic plant with thin wavy leaves and finely serrated edges. Leaves on curly leaf pond weed alternate on the stem and flowers appear on spikes that sometimes rise above the water surface. Unlike most submerged pond weeds, curly leaf thrives in cooler temperatures and begin its growth during the winter. By spring, curly leaf can be invading your pond or lake.

From experience, we have found the most effective way to control this growth is a mixture of Tsunami DQ and Crystal Plex. This may take 2 treatments but has proven to be very successful on weeds like curly leaf pond weed.

The use of preventative pond maintenance products like Crystal Blue, pond dye and Natural Pond Cleaner, pond bacteria are also ways of slowing the growth of these pesky pond weeds.

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