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Weed ID: Creeping Water Primrose

Creeping water primrose, or floating primrose willow, is an invasive perennial aquatic plant with long stems and primrose-like yellow flowers.

The plant itself easily breaks apart, which allows this plant to travel by way of people or animals. Pieces of creeping water primrose that are submerged or buried within the pond stay safe in the winters months and they reemerge in the spring. Eradicating creeping water primrose is tricky, as they can easily seed and repopulate even after chemical treatment and physical removal.

We have found that the best way to treat creeping water primrose is with Tsunami DQ. For submerged growth, use 1 quart of Tsunami with 1 gallon of water. If the creeping water primrose is sticking out of the water, you will want to use a mixture of 3 oz. of Catt Plex ,1 oz. of Tsunami, and 1 oz. of Plex Mate per gallon of water in your sprayer.

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