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Using Pond Dyes

25 Oct 2010

Use pond dyes, such as Crystal Blue, Black Out or Ocean Blue to help maintain your pond.

Using pond dyes has been a common practice in the pond market for many years.  These pond dyes were initially used because of the desire to create a brilliant blue or blue-green color in the pond.  The water then appeared to look more like a Caribbean beach front rather than a regular fishing pond.  However, after years of research, the use of pond dyes appeared to have many benefits.  Pond dyes darken the water and greatly affect the amount of light penetrating the surface of the pond.  On top of that, Crystal Blue pond dye, Ocean Blue pond dye and Blackout pond dye are manufactured with food grade dyes that will not harm fish, pets, people or plants.  Remember, pond dyes will not directly harm algae and submerged weeds.  Pond dyes not only look great, but they will also save you money and time in taking care of your pond.  They are a very valuable part of any pond maintenance program.

Sanco Industries has several different shades of pond dye to choose from.  You can even mix them to create a custom color pond dye.