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Trail Marker

19 Oct 2010
Trail markers are a must when hunting for big game. The use of a good trail marker will heighten your chances of a successful hunt due to easy, effective backtracking.
If you have ever had a questionalble shot on a big game animal, you need to use a good visible trail marker. Sanco Industries has come out with a new, environmentally safe, and effective blood trail marker called Trax-Max. No more shoving sticks in the ground to mark your trail and struggling to find them the next day.
Our trail marker can be sprayed on the ground, trees, foliage, or brush around your blood trail to have a highly visible trail to follow when you come back to retrieve your game. Chances are, if you made a decent shot that doesn’t put them down within the first 60 yards then you may jump your game during the tracking process, possibly ruining your chances of successful retrieval of the animal.
With this trail marker you can back out of the woods, let your game expire calmly, and get a good night’s rest confident, that the next day will bring celebration due to a successful hunt. Take the guess work out of backtracking by using Trax-Max.