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TNT Tomato Booster

15 Sep 2015

Sanco's TNT Tomato Booster is marketed for use with tomatoes, but can be used successfully on any plant that flowers.  We recently had a customer submit a testimonial about the TNT Tomato Booster and it's performance in growing huge watermelons.

"This watermelon was pulled yesterday.  It was only 2 inches long on the 4th of July.  the reason I used TNT on this watermelon is because it is low in nitrogen and you can't find many liquid fertilizers like this in small quantities.  I have another watermelon that weighs approximately 125 lbs.  It is about 30 days from being ripe and I will be spraying it once a week with TNT.  I live in Southwest Mississippi."  -Thanks R. Reynolds

TNT is a 5-16-12 liquid fertilizer.  We have had great success testing this product on tomatoes, watermelons, and potted flowers.  We noticed an increase in flowering rate as well as larger fruit/flowers.   

Click the following link for more information or to order Sanco's TNT Tomato Booster.